Chase The Sun

I always preferred ice to water. A cold winter night always suited me more than a hot summer day. But after moving to a place where we live without heating and lighting is scarce, I’ve grown to appreciate the sun and fruit it bares. Throughout the long winter, as the days get longer and the temperature slowly rises, I’ve begun to feel the effect of the sun on my skin, my mood, my energy. Thus, “Chase The Sun” was written, depicting the feeling I now get when summer is on the way.

I remember looking out the window of my office on a warm sunny day in Ireland and in Sweden, and seeing people stopped, still, their hands down at their sides and their head tilted slightly up to towards the sun, as if hypnotized by a light in the sky. I could never really understand it because I was simply too comfortable in the cold. It was only when the cold became inconvenient that I realized the importance of the sun and how it has always sustained me and my being.

It might just be a simple star in the sky, but without it…literally, I’m nothing.

Color the sky,
bring the bright light,
I need sunshine in my eyes.
Lonely cold night,
and your starlight,
clear the way and feel the rays.

We chase the sun,
from the hills to the sea.
Music: Alex Harris
Lyrics: Alex Harris


© Published by XMO Music ®

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