“Message” is a groovy single, a result of a collaborative effort between 17Kings and Pier Boston. The original version by Pier Boston can also be found on iTunes Store.

Oh no I’ve done it again
Oh no I’ve done it again
Oh no I’ve done it again
And now I’m paying again
I knew I should have waited
I should have hesitated
I thought I thought about it
And that my love was tainted
I kind of miss you within
I kind of miss you within
But I can’t call you again
And I can’t show it to them
I wanna see you again
I wanna feel you again
I wanna touch your body
I wanna kiss you again
I’m throwing messages
I don’t think you read
I keep on trying
Because you matter to me
I’m throwing messages
I know you ignore
But knowing you it means that you just want more
I leave you messages
And hope you get back
I’m trying everything to let you know that
I won’t give up until you
message me back but
I’m going crazy
Can you understand that?
Music: Pier Boston, Alex Harris
Lyrics: Alex Harris


℗ All Made Records ®
© Published by Music Selection ®