The Battle of Ecliptylae: Year 2

“Scandinavian” was inspired by Sweden and its culture. Ironically, most people that heard Year 2 before its public release, said that the ideas seemed quite optimistic.

Year 2 shows a change in ideals, opinions and principles. Where Year 1 expresses emotion, Year 2 promotes logic. Year 1 speaks out to the public and warns society of an evil that approaches, an evil that is willing to pay the consequences for its sins, as long as it may keep the profits. Instead, Year 2 speaks of revelations after years of battle. It speaks of middle class hypocrisy and expresses one of the most difficult ideas for the human race to comprehend today, that more than likely…there is no hope.

The emotional guy disagrees with the logical guy for one reason alone, because the emotional guy can’t find the solution in the other guy’s logic. What the logical guy tries to explain to the emotional guy, is that logic offers serenity, however serenity doesn’t necessarily offer a solution and thus, it may just be…that there is no solution to our problems. The paradox is that you must think logically in order to be emotionally stable.

We Ride
I see the world cry.
I see the anger growing.
I see the moment coming when we ride high.
I call it in. Yeah,
I know we’re gonna win it.
I tell them this is the day when we ride high.
Get on your horse now,
tell it to giddy-up and
take out your sword cuz we’re about to fight like
a crazy army of 10k freaks and
they’re gonna fear us cuz today we ride high.
They see me coming,
and say the freedom I have…
they’ll take away from us if we get closer.
We take a step ahead.
We keep on moving.
We look at them and say, “Come and get it!”
Today their numbers mean nothing, they are out numbered a million to 1.
Remember to aim high, for this enemy has no heart.
Do not hesitate, do not be merciful.
Today we fight, today we take our freedom back.
Ride high!
Are you the real thing?
Are you a freedom fighter?
Are you sick of the way they look at you?
Come on and move it.
We gotta take what we want.
We gotta push to bring this system down now.
Come on and take what you want.
Come on ride high!

Bang The Drum
Another dream I had of transformation.
One by one, patiently,
they took a gun from me.
Another day closer to revolution.
We’ll send them all to hell.
The free people will yell,
“We don’t need you to turn the world around now!”
It was already here,
before you and your conquest to be godly.
Come on and rock the world in
riots of virtue and sin.
Come on it’s really for you,
we’re gonna change everything.
Come on and break it all out.
This is what it’s all about.
Come on it’s really for you,
we need to stand up and shout,
I know we can do it.
I know…
Another night and then we make our first move,
one by one, patiently,
I want them all to see
that we won’t stop until the last one has fallen.
Do it and have no fear,
they wouldn’t shed a tear.
Get ready to bang the drum.

Golden sun and violet sky,
the slow forever lasting nights.
Their smooth white skin and bright blue eyes,
so humble and it’s no surprise
that we need to be what Scandinavians see
in people.
See passed yourself and your frontier.
Can’t you see 10 million in harmony?
I’ll take you to a place where dreams come true today.
Humble me, I cannot be
the one to set my people free.
I try to lead, but keep falling.
I know I cannot be their king cuz
we are the same, like the blood that runs through our veins.
All the northern colors,
all the northern lights…
will you manage to live through
all the southern nights.
Can’t you see passed yourself and your frontier?
Can’t you see 10 million in harmony?
I’ll take you to a place where dreams come true today and always will.

We Need Angels
Look at us now,
humbled before you.
We want to know how
to be more like you.
If it’s not of course
too late to turns things around.
Write me a song,
and in it tell me
where you all went wrong,
and all tried to be
alike in a show
of losers that now have to pay.
I need angels to see when I go the right way cuz I know
I need angles to be on my side on that day.
Walked on the moon,
then we’ll try it on Mars,
but we can’t live on earth without
the use of cars. It’s no wonder the gods laugh at
us and question my love.
Write me a song,
and in it tell me
where you all went wrong
and thought you could be
accepted by all
having everything you want free.

The Logical Choice
We believed…and what we thought would be our triumph…was actually what provoked the battle itself. We believed…but we were only arrogant. Believing only fueled our emotions, and that’s how we lost control. But the enemy was tested by our strength and one day fell to the ground. As we unmasked that enemy and looked into the face of evil, we stared in silence, surprised, only to see a reflection…of ourselves. You see we were the enemy all along. Our impulse clashed with our reason.
And this was the turning point?

Yes. It was that day that we realized that there would never be an end to the battle. That day, we realized that there was no hope. But in that same moment a feeling of serenity touched the mind of the human race. We were at ease not due to a lack of hope, no, it was because we simply understood that there was never hope to begin with.

Hope…mankind’s greatest creation.

It was only distorting our sense of reality. Without it, we were finally able to see the world as it really was.

No victory, no loss.

Exactly. The battle of Ecliptylae was merely a restoration of balance between our emotions…and our logic. Finally, we were at peace with ourselves.
Music: Alex Harris
Lyrics: Alex Harris


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